2018 Vintage: AVAILABLE

Souzão / Touriga Naçional / Tinta Barocca

Total Production: 1350 bottles

Wine of Origin: Western Cape (Calitzdorp, Klein Karoo & Paarl)

Sommelier-Winemaker Collaboration with Leon Coetzee & Margaux Nel of The Fledge & Co.

Tasting Notes: Intense blackberry and boysenberry fruit power on the nose, with slate and smoke lingering. Structure is very much present, but not overpowering of the multiple layers achieved by blending these three classic Portuguese cultivars.

Winemaking Notes: Each cultivar was harvested and treated separately – the Tinta Barocca and Souzão coming from Calitzdorp, and the Touriga Naçional coming from a 45 year-old vineyard site in Paarl. The Souzão and Touriga were naturally fermented in old 300L French Oak barrels, where the Tinta was fermented in a 5000L Foudre, destined to be made into Port down the line. Inspiration for the blend hailed not only from the classic Portuguese expressions we rarely get to taste in South Africa, but from the pioneering winemakers playing with new and unique ways of expressing these cultivars in various South African terroirs.

Service Guidelines: SERVE CHILLED. Keep it in your wine fridge until you want to serve it, and decant if required, although keep it chilled in the decanter as you would a white wine. It opens up beautifully when it warms up, but it’s all about that journey of seeing what it does in your glass as the temperature changes.

Food Pairing Suggestions: South African game/venison, classically cooked on a wood braai, no need to add spices, just olive oil, salt and pepper. Cured and smoked meats are also beautiful accompaniments to this wine, however for the non-flesh-eaters, think char-grilled aubergine, rich tomato ragus, a classic Ratatouille. This wine has even stood up to Korean cuisine, in particular the kimchi elements, which is a feat in itself.